ASX Announcements

29/12/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
24/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
24/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
24/12/2021Secondary trading notice
24/12/2021Corporate governance statement
24/12/2021Annual Report 2021
24/12/2021Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
24/12/2021Appendix 4G
16/12/2021New drilling at Olaroz, Cauchari & Paso to expand Lake’s lithium projects
15/12/2021Kachi update – Drilling reinforces doubling lithium production
14/12/2021Secondary trading notice
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
26/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
25/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
25/11/2021Secondary trading notice
22/11/2021Secondary trading notice
18/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
18/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
12/11/2021Presentation to Noosa Conference
11/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
11/11/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
11/11/2021Appendix 2A
11/11/2021Distribution Schedule LKEOC Options
11/11/2021Top 20 Option Holders LKEOC
11/11/2021Appendix 3Y Update
11/11/2021Lake Resources at Noosa conference – November 12
11/11/2021Response to ASX Query
11/11/2021S708A Secondary trading notice
09/11/2021Appendix 2A
08/11/2021Change of Director’s Interest x2
05/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
05/11/2021Update on bonus options and facilities
04/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
04/11/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
03/11/2021Experienced COO appointed to drive Kachi development
02/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/11/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
02/11/2021Secondary trading notice
02/11/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
01/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
01/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
29/10/2021Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report – September Quarter 2021
29/10/2021Full Year Statutory Accounts
28/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
27/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
27/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
22/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
22/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
21/10/2021Presentation for Future Energy and Red Cloud Conferences
19/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
19/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
14/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
14/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
12/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
12/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
12/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
06/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
06/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
01/10/2021Extension of lodgement and unaudited financial accounts
01/10/2021Securities trading policy
28/09/2021Canada provides further export credit support for Kachi
28/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
28/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
23/09/2021Lake partner Lilac Solutions announces US$150m raising
23/09/2021Lake second supplementary prospectus – Lilac agreement
22/09/2021Lake partners with Lilac Solutions for technology and funding to develop Kachi Project
22/09/2021Investor webinar – Lake Resources with Lilac Solutions
22/09/2021Webinar presentation – Lake partners with Lilac Solutions
21/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
21/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
20/09/2021Trading Halt
17/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
10/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
10/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
08/09/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
06/09/2021Cancellation – proposed issue of securities – LKE
02/09/2021Supplementary Prospectus
02/09/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
01/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
01/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Secondary trading notice
31/08/2021Bonus options and offshore shareholders
30/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
24/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
20/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
20/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
20/08/2021Secondary trading notice
18/08/2021Update – Proposed issue of securities – LKE
17/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
17/08/2021Bonus option issue Prospectus
16/08/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders – amended timetable
16/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/08/2021Secondary trading notice – Section 708A
11/08/2021Strong expression of interest to fund 70% of Kachi Project
06/08/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders – amended timetable
06/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
05/08/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
02/08/2021Secondary trading notice
02/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/08/2021Notification of cessation of securities – LKE
02/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
02/08/2021Sect. 708A Notice
30/07/2021Initial Director’s Interest Notice
30/07/2021Quarterly Activities/Cash Flow Report – June quarter 2021
30/07/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
28/07/2021Lake adds Argentina-based director to support development
28/07/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders
27/07/2021New CFO to advance Kachi financing, development
26/07/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
26/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
23/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
16/07/2021Presentation – Cleaner lithium for an electric world – Noosa/Red Cloud
13/07/2021Lake Resources at Noosa Conference – Friday, July 16
12/07/2021Response to ASX Appendix 3Y query
09/07/2021Lake Resources at Green Energy Conference – Tuesday, July 13
07/07/2021Securities Trading Policy
07/07/2021Kachi drilling underway to support doubling lithium production
05/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
30/06/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
30/06/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice x2
04/06/2021Kachi project finance advances
01/06/2021Lake presentation for Benchmark’s EV Fest
27/05/2021Lake presenting at Benchmark EV Fest – 1 June 2021
26/05/2021Appendix 2A – Issue of options
24/05/2021Appendix 2A
24/05/2021Section 708A Cleansing Statement
24/05/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
19/05/2021Kachi drill program expands to support future production increase
18/05/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
13/05/2021Letter to option holders – expiry of listed options
04/05/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
30/04/2021Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – March qtr 2021
19/04/2021Appendix 2A – Options exercise
29/03/2021Appendix 2A – Options exercise
23/03/2021Lake accelerates exploration across its broader projects portfolio
19/03/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
17/03/2021Lake refreshes Kachi PFS; NPV increases to US$1.6 billion on updated pricing
16/03/2021Half Year Accounts
09/03/2021Results of Meeting
03/03/2021Joint financial advisors appointed for Kachi Project
03/03/2021Appendix 2A options exercise
02/03/2021Positive initial Novonix battery test results for Lake’s high purity lithium carbonate
22/02/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
19/02/2021Lake at OTC Virtual Conference
19/02/2021Presentation to OTC Virtual Conference
15/02/2021Appendix 2A options exercise
15/02/2021Change of Auditor
08/02/2021Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
02/02/2021Appendix 2A
27/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus closed
25/01/2021Lake secures global institutional backing in oversubscribed $20m placement
25/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
25/01/2021Appendix 2A
25/01/2021December 2020 quarterly activities & cashflow report
25/01/2021LKE Cleansing Prospectus
25/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
20/01/2021Lake’s OTC shares approved for real-time electronic trading in USA
19/01/2021Drilling underway at Kachi as DFS funded
19/01/2021Presentation – Clean, high purity lithium
08/01/2021Kachi Lithium Brine Project DFS commences
07/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus closed
06/01/2021Resignation of Joint Company Secretary
05/01/2021Lapse of unlisted options
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
04/01/2021Appendix 2A
04/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus
04/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
23/12/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed
14/12/2020Appendix 2A
14/12/2020Cleansing Prospectus
14/12/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
27/11/2020CPA facility extension and Appendix 2A
26/11/2020Lake’s high purity lithium carbonate to produce first lithium batteries at Novonix
26/11/2020Annual General Meeting 2020 presentation
26/11/2020Chairman’s address to shareholders
26/11/2020Results of meeting
13/11/2020Appendix 3Y
12/11/2020Activities underway at Kachi
12/11/2020Presentation to Noosa Mining & Exploration Investor Conference
06/11/2020Lake Resources presenting at Noosa Mining Conference
29/10/2020Securities Trading Policy
29/10/2020Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – Sept qtr 2020
28/10/2020Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
28/10/2020Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
28/10/2020Letter to Shareholders – 2020 Annual General Meeting Notice & Proxy Form
28/10/2020Reconciliation of Audited and Unaudited Results
28/10/2020Annual Report 2020
20/10/2020High purity 99.9.7% battery quality lithium carbonate produced from Kachi brines
20/10/2020Investor briefing and webinar
20/10/2020Investor Presentation
15/10/2020Results of Extraordinary General Meeting
14/10/2020Appendix 3Y
06/10/2020Hazen expands studies to optimise battery quality lithium carbonate
01/10/2020Extension of lodgment and unaudited financial accounts
30/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed
25/09/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
25/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus
24/09/2020Response to ASX Aware Query Letter
22/09/2020Appendix 2A
22/09/2020Lake secures further funds to accelerate Kachi DFS
22/09/2020Appendix 2A
21/09/2020Response to ASX Price Query
15/09/2020Hazen well-advanced producing battery quality lithium carbonate
15/09/2020Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
07/09/2020Presentation to ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference 2020
04/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed and Appendix 3Y
02/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus
02/09/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
02/09/2020Lake Resources presenting at ASX Small & Mid-Cap Conference 2020
01/09/2020Appendix 2A
27/08/2020Lake’s lithium to be tested in batteries by Novonix lab
26/08/2020$2.55m placement closes oversubscribed following strong demand
26/08/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
24/08/2020Trading halt
06/08/2020Hazen appointed as independent lab to produce battery-quality lithium carbonate
04/08/2020Lake to present at OTC’s Virtual Investor Conference
31/07/2020Lake Resources presenting at SNN Network MicroCap Virtual Investor Conference
31/07/2020Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – June Quarter 2020
30/07/2020Lilac consistently producing high concentrate lithium chloride
28/07/2020Lake Resources to present in Benchmark World Tour Online – Thursday, July 30
15/07/2020Presentation to Noosa Mining Virtual conference
13/07/2020Lake Resources at Noosa virtual conference
03/07/20201st lithium chloride samples successfully produced from Lilac pilot plant using Kachi brines
25/06/2020Lilac pilot plant commissioning completed using Kachi brines
09/06/2020Lilac resumes operations – processing of Kachi brines underway
28/05/2020New report shows Kachi’s potential as EV industry picks up speed
28/05/2020Lake Resources in LATAM Showdown E-Conference
20/05/2020Lake to webcast live at OTC Virtual Investor Conference
14/05/2020Results of Meeting
11/05/2020General Meeting under COVID-19 conditions
01/05/2020Quarterly Activities Report – March qtr 2020
30/04/2020Compelling PFS for Lake’s Kachi Project
30/04/2020PFS presentation – sustainable, high purity lithium
27/04/2020PFS investor briefings and webinar
23/04/2020Investor update
20/04/2020Additional 20,000l of Kachi lithium brines being sent to Lilac pilot plant
14/04/2020Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
07/04/2020Appendix 2A
27/03/2020Appendix 3Y
24/03/2020Argentina’s changes have limited impact on Lake
19/03/2020Lake Resources investor briefing and webinar
18/03/2020Reinstatement to Official Quotation
18/03/2020Lilac advances pilot plant testing with Kachi brine
18/03/2020Lake’s SPP offer closes oversubscribed
17/03/2020Half Yearly Report
16/03/2020Suspension from Official Quotation
13/03/2020Appendix 2A
13/03/2020Final tranche of placement
10/03/2020Lilac takes delivery of 20,000l of Kachi brine for pilot plant testing
10/03/2020Second supplementary prospectus
10/03/2020ASX waiver from Listing Rule 7.4; $2.5m SPP offer closing 13 March 2020
06/03/2020Appendix 2A
28/02/2020Presentation – SPP upsided and placement completed
28/02/2020Appendix 3B
28/02/2020Supplementary prospectus
28/02/2020SPP offer closing date extended
27/02/2020Lake eyes upsizing SPP following strong investor demand
24/02/2020Placement upsized by $1.9m to $3.4m following strong demand
24/02/2020Appendix 3B
21/02/2020Bill Gates-led fund backs Lake’s technology partner Lilac
20/02/2020Placement and Share Purchase Plan update
18/02/2020Lilac pilot plant module to process Kachi brines
17/02/2020Appendix 2A
14/02/2020Appendix 2A
14/02/2020Placement update
11/02/2020Appendix 2A
10/02/2020Close-out of convertible securities facility
10/02/2020Placement and Share Purchase Plan
10/02/2020Proposed issue of securities
10/02/2020Appendix 3B
10/02/2020Reinstatement to official quotation
31/01/2020Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B – Dec qtr 2019
24/01/2020Update on proposed placement
23/01/2020Extension of voluntary suspension
22/01/2020Suspension from official quotation
20/01/2020Proposed close-out of convertible securities facility
20/01/2020Trading halt
20/01/2020Investor Presentation January 2020
16/01/2020Meetings with provincial governor, regulators confirm support for Kachi
13/01/2020Larger volume high purity lithium carbonate samples to be produced for off-takers
09/01/2020Battery grade lithium carbonate with 99.9% purity produced from Kachi
13/12/2019Lake increases pilot plant samples for potential Kachi partners
10/12/2019Lake adds operational expertise to Board as pre-production transition advances
26/11/2019Results of Meeting
18/11/2019Appendix 3B
01/11/2019Quarterly Report – Sept Quarter 2019
31/10/2019Lake appoints CFO to drive project funding
28/10/2019Appendix 3B
25/10/2019Annual Report 2019
25/10/2019Appendix 4G
25/10/2019Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
24/10/2019Funding Facility Extension and Cleansing Notice
14/10/2019Appendix 3B
09/10/2019Financial adviser appointed to secure debt funding
03/10/2019Reinstatement to Official Quotation
03/10/2019Lake Securities to Resume Trading
02/10/2019Annual Financial Report 2019
01/10/2019Suspension from Official Quotation
24/09/2019Interview re Pre-Production at Kachi
23/09/2019Change of Share Registry
23/09/2019Lake Targets 2020 Pre-Production at Kachi with Pilot Plant Construction
23/09/2019Appendix 3Y
23/09/2019Appendix 3Y
23/09/2019Appendix 3Y
16/09/2019Appendix 3B
06/09/2019Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
06/09/2019Share Placement
04/09/2019Reinstatement to Official Quotation
04/09/2019Lake raises $2m in Placement
03/09/2019Extension of Voluntary Suspension
02/09/2019Suspension from Official Quotation
29/08/2019Trading Halt
27/08/2019Appendix 3Y
27/08/2019Appendix 3Y
27/08/2019Appendix 3B
23/08/2019Cauchari 506M High Grade Lithium Brine Discovery
22/08/2019LKEOB Options commence Trading
20/08/2019Top 20 Option Holders
19/08/2019Appendix 3B
15/08/2019Results of Meeting
26/07/2019Higher grade lithium brine results – Cauchari -FNN interview
25/07/2019Higher Lithium Grades Wider Interval at Cauchari
23/07/2019Appendix 3B
23/07/2019Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B – June Quarter 2019
18/07/2019Presentation at Noosa Conference
18/07/2019High Grade Brines Increase at Cauchari
16/07/2019Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
16/07/2019Appendix 3B
15/07/2019Cauchari Discovery Multiple Lithium Zones
15/07/2019Cauchari Discovery Multiple Lithium Zones
03/07/2019Appendix 3B
03/07/2019Further Conductive Brines Cauchari
02/07/2019Appendix 3B
02/07/2019Appendix 3Y
02/07/2019Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
28/06/2019Appendix 3Y
26/06/2019Cauchari Drilling Progresses – Video Update
25/06/2019Appendix 3B – Amended
24/06/2019Appendix 3B
17/06/2019Appendix 3B
13/06/2019Interview – High Grade Cauchari Brine Results (Revised)
13/06/2019Interview – High Grade Cauchari Brine Results
12/06/2019Clarification on Exploration Target
12/06/2019LR 7.1A Notice
12/06/2019Appendix 3B
12/06/2019s708A Notice
12/06/2019High Grade Brines from Cauchari Drilling
11/06/2019Lake Raise upsized to $2.7m to accelerate Cauchari drilling
06/06/2019$2.4m to accelerate drilling at Cauchari
05/06/2019Appendix 3B
04/06/2019Trading Halt
31/05/2019High Flow Brines at Cauchari
29/05/2019FNN Interview with Managing Director
28/05/2019Strong Cauchari results confirm Proof of Concept
24/05/2019Appendix 3B
22/05/2019Cauchari – Further Conductive Brines Intercepted
21/05/2019International Engineering Firm appointed for Kachi
14/05/2019Cauchari Drilling Update
07/05/2019Pilot Plant Engineering underway at Kachi Lithium Project
06/05/2019Appendix 3B
06/05/2019Response to ASX Appendix 5B Query
06/05/2019Presentation – Bloomberg / Benchmark Minerals World Tour NYC
01/05/2019New Drill Rig Advances at Cauchari
30/04/2019Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
24/04/2019Appendix 3B
18/04/2019Foraco drill rig commences drilling at Cauchari
15/04/2019FNN Interview with Managing Director
12/04/2019Appendix 3B
11/04/2019LR7.1A Notice
11/04/2019Cleansing Notice
11/04/2019Appendix 3B
11/04/2019S.708A (12C) Cleansing Notice
09/04/2019Lake raises $1m in Placement
09/04/2019Reinstatement To Official Quotation
09/04/2019Kachi PFS to unlock Lithium Brine Resource – UPDATE
08/04/2019ssue of Bonus Options to Shareholders
08/04/2019Suspension from Official Quotation
04/04/2019Trading Halt
04/04/2019Pause in Trading
03/04/2019Kachi PFS to unlock Top 10 Global Lithium Brine Resource
26/03/2019Cauchari Drilling update
22/03/2019Cauchari Drilling update
11/03/2019Appendix 3B
11/03/2019Cleansing Notice
08/03/2019Appendix 3B
28/02/2019U.S financial backing to advance key projects
27/02/2019Results of Meeting
07/02/2019Response to ASX Query
31/01/2019Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B – December Quarter 2018
25/01/2019Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
22/01/2019LKE Investor Briefing and Webinar
17/01/2019Investor Presentation
17/01/2019Cauchari Drilling and Corporate Update
21/12/2018Appendix 3B
21/12/2018Financing commitments for Lake Resources
19/12/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
12/12/2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
10/12/2018Lilac extraction process shows potential
07/12/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
07/12/2018Appendix 3Y – SP
03/12/2018Amended Appendix 3B
30/11/2018Appendix 3B
27/11/2018Large maiden 4.4mt LCE resource estimate for Kachi Project
27/11/2018Investor Presentation
16/11/2018Notice of expiry of Listed Options
13/11/2018AGM Results
13/11/20182018 AGM Presentation
07/11/2018Expansion of Leases as Kachi Brine Project continues to grow
05/11/2018Trading Halt
05/11/2018Pause in Trading
02/11/2018Drilling advances at Cauchari Lithium Brine Project
01/11/2018Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
29/10/2018Engineering works confirm high lithium recoveries at Kachi
22/10/2018Drilling advances at Kachi with consistent assay results
18/10/2018Drilling underway at Cauchari lithium brine project
12/10/2018Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
11/10/2018Annual Report to Shareholders 2018
11/10/2018Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
10/10/2018Appendix 3Y – SP
10/10/2018Appendix 3B
04/10/2018Drill Rig mobilises to Cauchari
02/10/2018Change of registered office address
28/09/2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
25/09/2018Option exercised on Pegmatite Lithium Catamarca Project
24/09/2018Financing of remaining options
06/09/2018Drilling to commence early Oct at Cauchari Lithium Project
05/09/2018LKE partners with Lilac Solutions to advance Kachi Project
27/08/2018Appendix 3B
24/08/2018Appendix 3B
23/08/2018Appendix 3B
21/08/2018Geophysics extend resource to LKE Chauchari Project
16/08/2018Lake (LKE) Boardroom Media Interview
15/08/2018Lake to drill Cauchari Project
14/08/2018Lake to drill Cauchari Project
13/08/2018Notice of expiry of Listed Options
09/08/2018Kachi Drilling Advances with Consistent Results
02/08/2018Appendix 3B
31/07/2018Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
27/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC and SP
27/07/2018LKE secures $1.9m Option Underwriting Agreement
16/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
11/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
10/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
05/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
03/07/2018Appendix 3Y – SC
27/06/2018Reinstatement of certain options to trading
26/06/2018Suspension of LKEO and LKEOA Options Only
26/06/2018Request for Suspension of certain options from trading
18/06/2018Appendix 3B
15/06/2018EGM Results
15/06/2018EGM Presentation
14/06/2018Short Form Prospectus
14/06/2018Kachi Drilling Reinforces Confidence in Scale of Discovery
22/05/2018Drilling confirms large scale Lithium Brine Basin Kachi
14/05/2018Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
09/05/2018Appendix 3B
09/05/2018Appendix 3B
03/05/2018Appendix 3Y – SC and SP
30/04/2018Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report Q1/2018
26/04/2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
16/04/2018Appendix 3Y – SC and SP
12/04/2018Additional Drill Rig at Kachi Lithium Brine Project
09/04/2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
27/03/2018ASX LR 7.1A Notice – Placement
27/03/2018Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
22/03/2018$4.5 million raised in oversubscribed placement
20/03/2018Trading Halt
16/03/2018Interim Report – 31 December 2017
16/03/2018Half Yearly Report and Accounts
16/03/2018Hunter Capital Research Report
15/03/2018Drilling advances at Kachi Lithium Brine Project
14/03/2018Corporate Update
08/03/2018Extra drill arrives at Kachi and Jujuy update
06/03/2018FNN Interview with Managing Director
02/03/2018Lake Presentation – Jujuy Leases – Prime Lithium
01/03/2018Landmark Agreement with Jujuy Province confirms tenure
01/03/2018Investor Conference Call on Friday, 2 March 2018
22/02/2018Expansion of Drilling at Kachi
31/01/2018Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report Q4/2017
31/01/2018Completion of issue of unsecured notes
31/01/2018Appendix 3B
29/01/2018Drilling continues at Kachi Lithium Project
15/01/2018Change of Auditor
21/12/2017Brine drilling progessing well at Kachi Project
08/12/2017Appendix 3Y – SC, NL and SP
08/12/2017Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
07/12/2017Cleansing Notice and Appendix 3B
05/12/2017Drilling Update at Kachi Project
01/12/2017Appendix 3B
30/11/2017Results of Meeting
30/11/2017AGM Presentation
28/11/2017Confirmation of time for 2017 Annual General Meeting
16/11/2017Drilling underway at Kachi Lithium Brine Project
03/11/2017LKE raises $1.66 million in unsecured note offer
01/11/2017Trading Halt
01/11/2017Response to ASX Aware Query
01/11/2017Quarterly Activities Report Q3/2017
27/10/2017Notice of annual general meeting and proxy form
27/10/2017Annual Report to Shareholders 2017
27/10/2017Drilling to commence at Kachi Lithium Brine Project
25/10/2017Response to ASX Price Query
11/10/2017Drilling to commence in coming weeks at Kachi Project
04/10/2017FNN Interview with Managing Director on Lithium in Argentina
29/09/2017Appendix 4G
29/09/2017Corporate Governance Statement
29/09/2017Full Year Statutory Accounts 2016-17
11/09/2017LOI signed with Argentine Government Entity
24/08/2017Response to ASX Price Query
31/07/2017Quarterly Report April-June 2017
31/07/2017LKE Quarterly Activities Report Q2/2017
25/07/2017Appendix 3Z – Peter Gilchrist
25/07/2017Appendix 3X – Nick Lindsay
20/07/2017Investor Presentation
19/07/2017Appointment of Nick Lindsay to the Board of Directors
09/06/2017Catamarca Conference and Tranche 2 Milestone Update
09/06/2017Appendix 3Y – Steve Promnitz and Stuart Crow
08/06/2017Appendix 3B
31/05/2017Investor Presentation
30/05/2017Successful permitting progress in Jujuy, Argentina
19/05/2017Change of Registered Office Address
28/04/2017Quarterly Report January-March 2017
28/04/2017LKE Quarterly Activities Report Q1/2017
06/04/2017FNN Interview with Managing Director on Lithium in Argentina
03/04/2017Positive results continue at Kachi Project, Argentina
29/03/2017Lake Presentation – Hong Kong Conference
24/03/2017Lake Expands Kachi Project with Additional Leases
16/03/2017Half Yearly Report and Accounts
01/03/2017Shares issued for option over Lithium Pegmatites, Argentina
28/02/2017ASX LR 7.1A Notice – Placement
28/02/2017Cleansing Notice & Appendix 3B – Issue of Shares and Options
23/02/2017LKE Completes Oversubscribed Capital Raise
21/02/2017Trading Halt
21/02/2017LKE Investor Presentation
09/02/2017Additional Leases secured in Catamarca Province, Argentina
06/02/2017Elevated Lithium Results – Kachi Brine Project, Argentina
01/02/2017Lake Corporate and Operational Update
31/01/2017Quarterly Report October-December 2016
31/01/2017LKE Quarterly Activities Report Q4/2016