Company Profile

Lake Resources NL (ASX:LKE; OTC:LLKKF) is a responsible lithium developer utilising state-of-the-art ion exchange extraction technology for production of sustainable, high purity lithium from its flagship Kachi Project in Catamarca Province within the Lithium Triangle in Argentina. Lake also has three additional early-stage projects in this region.

This ion exchange extraction technology delivers a solution for two rising demands – high purity battery materials to avoid performance issues, and more sustainable, responsibly-sourced materials with a low carbon footprint and significant ESG benefits.

Decarbonisation will continue to drive significant lithium demand growth through the rapid adoption of renewable electricity generation and electric vehicles. Lake is building its business to meet the growing demand for high-quality lithium needed to meet the world’s decarbonisation ambitions.

Innovative technology producing high purity lithium

Lake’s technology partner, California-based Lilac Solutions Inc, has developed efficient and disruptive clean technology to produce sustainable high purity lithium. This approach comes with a small environmental footprint, both physically and by returning almost all brine to its source.

Lilac and Lake are working together increasingly closely to set a new standard for project development in the lithium industry. The demonstration plant has proven highly successful – independent testing of lithium carbonate produced from the Kachi Project in Argentina has confirmed grades and purity greater than 99.8%.

This is a proven and more efficient way to refine and produce battery-grade lithium carbonate. The ion exchange technology produces a lithium-rich solution without long lead-time and environmentally disruptive evaporation pond concentration – allowing Lake to produce high-quality lithium sustainably and at scale.

Lilac and Lake are strategically aligned through a 25% project earn-in on the completion of technology testing, demonstration plant validation and end-product qualification.

On 19 December 2023, Lake Resources announced the results of its Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for phase one of the globally significant Kachi lithium brine project in Argentina. The Kachi Project Phase One DFS demonstrates that Kachi is a top tier project, backed by a significant resource and strong economics positioning it competitively within the growing lithium market.

Located in Argentina’s Lithium Triangle

Lake’s flagship Kachi Project is in Catamarca Province within the Lithium Triangle in Argentina, one of the world’s key lithium regions – half of all global lithium resources are found in the Lithium Triangle.

Lake also has three additional early-stage projects in this region.

Lake - Project Map
Our projects are side-by-side with the heavyweights in the Lithium Triangle, where 40% of the world’s lithium is produced.