Additional Properties

Lake Resources has a number of additional properties located in Argentina’s Catamarca Province.

In addition to its Kachi Project in Catamarca Province, Lake also has additional early-stage projects in this region.

  • Paso de Jama
  • Olaroz
  • Ancasti
  • Cauchari

Paso de Jama

The Paso de Jama Lithium Brine Project in Jujuy Province comprises over 59,000 hectares. Initial surface geophysical surveys, passive seismic and TEM were completed in 2022.

Drilling conducted through the end of 2022 and resulted in more than 1,700m of drilling, with five small diameter wells.

Activities in 2023 included analysing and processing the investigation results, performance of small-scale hydraulic tests in several wells and laboratory properties analysis for physical characteristics including drainable porosity.

As at the date of Lake’s 2023 annual report, no resource has been developed for the Paso de Jama Lithium Brine Project.


Activities at the more than 45,000 hectare Olaroz Lithium Brine Project were limited to permitting and community relations activities in 2023. These efforts have laid the groundwork to initiate surface geophysical studies, including passive seismic and transient electromagnetic (TEM).


The Ancasti or Catamarca Pegmatite Lithium Project, comprises over 90,000 hectares of leases at the early exploration stage, with large pegmatite swarms in an area of past production within a 150 km long belt.


The Cauchari Lithium Brine Project in Jujuy Province was successfully drilled for the first time during fiscal 2020.

It demonstrated extensions of lithium brine bearing aquifers, with similar high grades into Lake’s properties from the adjoining major resource projects.

No further investigative drilling was undertaken in 2023.