Lake Resources is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the Metals & Mining sub-index (ASX code: LKE) and on the U.S. OTC QB market (OTC:LLKKF) as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA:LK1).

Lake is focused on increasing shareholder value primarily through the development of clean, high purity, responsibly sourced lithium from its flagship Kachi Project, together with its other lithium projects in the Lithium Triangle of Argentina.

Lake’s technology partner, Lilac Solutions Inc, has been backed by world-leading sustainability investors, including the Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Fund and MIT’s The Engine Fund. Support from such global investors provides a high level of credibility for Lake’s key technology and its potential to deliver shareholder value.

This Investor Centre provides daily and historical share price information, ASX announcements, reports, presentations and other important information about Lake Resources.

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Latest Announcements

29/12/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
24/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
24/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
24/12/2021Secondary trading notice
24/12/2021Corporate governance statement
24/12/2021Annual Report 2021
24/12/2021Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
24/12/2021Appendix 4G
16/12/2021New drilling at Olaroz, Cauchari & Paso to expand Lake’s lithium projects
15/12/2021Kachi update – Drilling reinforces doubling lithium production
14/12/2021Secondary trading notice
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/12/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
26/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
25/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
25/11/2021Secondary trading notice
22/11/2021Secondary trading notice
18/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
18/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
12/11/2021Presentation to Noosa Conference
11/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
11/11/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
11/11/2021Appendix 2A
11/11/2021Distribution Schedule LKEOC Options
11/11/2021Top 20 Option Holders LKEOC
11/11/2021Appendix 3Y Update
11/11/2021Lake Resources at Noosa conference – November 12
11/11/2021Response to ASX Query
11/11/2021S708A Secondary trading notice
09/11/2021Appendix 2A
08/11/2021Change of Director’s Interest x2
05/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
05/11/2021Update on bonus options and facilities
04/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
04/11/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
03/11/2021Experienced COO appointed to drive Kachi development
02/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/11/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
02/11/2021Secondary trading notice
02/11/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
01/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
01/11/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
29/10/2021Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report – September Quarter 2021
29/10/2021Full Year Statutory Accounts
28/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
27/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
27/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
22/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
22/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
22/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
21/10/2021Presentation for Future Energy and Red Cloud Conferences
19/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
19/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
14/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
14/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
12/10/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
12/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
12/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
06/10/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
06/10/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
01/10/2021Extension of lodgement and unaudited financial accounts
01/10/2021Securities trading policy
28/09/2021Canada provides further export credit support for Kachi
28/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
28/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
23/09/2021Lake partner Lilac Solutions announces US$150m raising
23/09/2021Lake second supplementary prospectus – Lilac agreement
22/09/2021Lake partners with Lilac Solutions for technology and funding to develop Kachi Project
22/09/2021Investor webinar – Lake Resources with Lilac Solutions
22/09/2021Webinar presentation – Lake partners with Lilac Solutions
21/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
21/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
20/09/2021Trading Halt
17/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
10/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
10/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
08/09/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
06/09/2021Cancellation – proposed issue of securities – LKE
02/09/2021Supplementary Prospectus
02/09/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
01/09/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
01/09/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
31/08/2021Secondary trading notice
31/08/2021Bonus options and offshore shareholders
30/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
24/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
20/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
20/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
20/08/2021Secondary trading notice
18/08/2021Update – Proposed issue of securities – LKE
17/08/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
17/08/2021Bonus option issue Prospectus
16/08/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders – amended timetable
16/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
13/08/2021Secondary trading notice – Section 708A
11/08/2021Strong expression of interest to fund 70% of Kachi Project
06/08/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders – amended timetable
06/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
05/08/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
02/08/2021Secondary trading notice
02/08/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
02/08/2021Notification of cessation of securities – LKE
02/08/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
02/08/2021Sect. 708A Notice
30/07/2021Initial Director’s Interest Notice
30/07/2021Quarterly Activities/Cash Flow Report – June quarter 2021
30/07/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities – LKE
28/07/2021Lake adds Argentina-based director to support development
28/07/2021Issue of bonus options to shareholders
27/07/2021New CFO to advance Kachi financing, development
26/07/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
26/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
23/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
16/07/2021Presentation – Cleaner lithium for an electric world – Noosa/Red Cloud
13/07/2021Lake Resources at Noosa Conference – Friday, July 16
12/07/2021Response to ASX Appendix 3Y query
09/07/2021Lake Resources at Green Energy Conference – Tuesday, July 13
07/07/2021Securities Trading Policy
07/07/2021Kachi drilling underway to support doubling lithium production
05/07/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
30/06/2021Application for quotation of securities – LKE
30/06/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice x2
04/06/2021Kachi project finance advances
01/06/2021Lake presentation for Benchmark’s EV Fest
27/05/2021Lake presenting at Benchmark EV Fest – 1 June 2021
26/05/2021Appendix 2A – Issue of options
24/05/2021Appendix 2A
24/05/2021Section 708A Cleansing Statement
24/05/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
19/05/2021Kachi drill program expands to support future production increase
18/05/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
13/05/2021Letter to option holders – expiry of listed options
04/05/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
30/04/2021Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – March qtr 2021
19/04/2021Appendix 2A – Options exercise
29/03/2021Appendix 2A – Options exercise
23/03/2021Lake accelerates exploration across its broader projects portfolio
19/03/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
17/03/2021Lake refreshes Kachi PFS; NPV increases to US$1.6 billion on updated pricing
16/03/2021Half Year Accounts
09/03/2021Results of Meeting
03/03/2021Joint financial advisors appointed for Kachi Project
03/03/2021Appendix 2A options exercise
02/03/2021Positive initial Novonix battery test results for Lake’s high purity lithium carbonate
22/02/2021Appendix 2A – Exercise of options
19/02/2021Lake at OTC Virtual Conference
19/02/2021Presentation to OTC Virtual Conference
15/02/2021Appendix 2A options exercise
15/02/2021Change of Auditor
08/02/2021Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
02/02/2021Appendix 2A
27/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus closed
25/01/2021Lake secures global institutional backing in oversubscribed $20m placement
25/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
25/01/2021Appendix 2A
25/01/2021December 2020 quarterly activities & cashflow report
25/01/2021LKE Cleansing Prospectus
25/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
20/01/2021Lake’s OTC shares approved for real-time electronic trading in USA
19/01/2021Drilling underway at Kachi as DFS funded
19/01/2021Presentation – Clean, high purity lithium
08/01/2021Kachi Lithium Brine Project DFS commences
07/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus closed
06/01/2021Resignation of Joint Company Secretary
05/01/2021Lapse of unlisted options
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
05/01/2021Appendix 3Y
04/01/2021Appendix 2A
04/01/2021Cleansing Prospectus
04/01/2021Proposed issue of securities – LKE
23/12/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed
14/12/2020Appendix 2A
14/12/2020Cleansing Prospectus
14/12/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
27/11/2020CPA facility extension and Appendix 2A
26/11/2020Lake’s high purity lithium carbonate to produce first lithium batteries at Novonix
26/11/2020Annual General Meeting 2020 presentation
26/11/2020Chairman’s address to shareholders
26/11/2020Results of meeting
13/11/2020Appendix 3Y
12/11/2020Activities underway at Kachi
12/11/2020Presentation to Noosa Mining & Exploration Investor Conference
06/11/2020Lake Resources presenting at Noosa Mining Conference
29/10/2020Securities Trading Policy
29/10/2020Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – Sept qtr 2020
28/10/2020Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
28/10/2020Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
28/10/2020Letter to Shareholders – 2020 Annual General Meeting Notice & Proxy Form
28/10/2020Reconciliation of Audited and Unaudited Results
28/10/2020Annual Report 2020
20/10/2020High purity 99.9.7% battery quality lithium carbonate produced from Kachi brines
20/10/2020Investor briefing and webinar
20/10/2020Investor Presentation
15/10/2020Results of Extraordinary General Meeting
14/10/2020Appendix 3Y
06/10/2020Hazen expands studies to optimise battery quality lithium carbonate
01/10/2020Extension of lodgment and unaudited financial accounts
30/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed
25/09/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
25/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus
24/09/2020Response to ASX Aware Query Letter
22/09/2020Appendix 2A
22/09/2020Lake secures further funds to accelerate Kachi DFS
22/09/2020Appendix 2A
21/09/2020Response to ASX Price Query
15/09/2020Hazen well-advanced producing battery quality lithium carbonate
15/09/2020Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
07/09/2020Presentation to ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference 2020
04/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus closed and Appendix 3Y
02/09/2020Cleansing Prospectus
02/09/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
02/09/2020Lake Resources presenting at ASX Small & Mid-Cap Conference 2020
01/09/2020Appendix 2A
27/08/2020Lake’s lithium to be tested in batteries by Novonix lab
26/08/2020$2.55m placement closes oversubscribed following strong demand
26/08/2020Proposed issue of securities – LKE
24/08/2020Trading halt
06/08/2020Hazen appointed as independent lab to produce battery-quality lithium carbonate
04/08/2020Lake to present at OTC’s Virtual Investor Conference
31/07/2020Lake Resources presenting at SNN Network MicroCap Virtual Investor Conference
31/07/2020Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report – June Quarter 2020
30/07/2020Lilac consistently producing high concentrate lithium chloride
28/07/2020Lake Resources to present in Benchmark World Tour Online – Thursday, July 30
15/07/2020Presentation to Noosa Mining Virtual conference
13/07/2020Lake Resources at Noosa virtual conference
03/07/20201st lithium chloride samples successfully produced from Lilac pilot plant using Kachi brines
25/06/2020Lilac pilot plant commissioning completed using Kachi brines
09/06/2020Lilac resumes operations – processing of Kachi brines underway
28/05/2020New report shows Kachi’s potential as EV industry picks up speed
28/05/2020Lake Resources in LATAM Showdown E-Conference
20/05/2020Lake to webcast live at OTC Virtual Investor Conference
14/05/2020Results of Meeting
11/05/2020General Meeting under COVID-19 conditions
01/05/2020Quarterly Activities Report – March qtr 2020
30/04/2020Compelling PFS for Lake’s Kachi Project
30/04/2020PFS presentation – sustainable, high purity lithium
27/04/2020PFS investor briefings and webinar
23/04/2020Investor update
20/04/2020Additional 20,000l of Kachi lithium brines being sent to Lilac pilot plant
14/04/2020Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form
07/04/2020Appendix 2A
27/03/2020Appendix 3Y
24/03/2020Argentina’s changes have limited impact on Lake
19/03/2020Lake Resources investor briefing and webinar
18/03/2020Reinstatement to Official Quotation
18/03/2020Lilac advances pilot plant testing with Kachi brine
18/03/2020Lake’s SPP offer closes oversubscribed
17/03/2020Half Yearly Report
16/03/2020Suspension from Official Quotation
13/03/2020Appendix 2A
13/03/2020Final tranche of placement
10/03/2020Lilac takes delivery of 20,000l of Kachi brine for pilot plant testing
10/03/2020Second supplementary prospectus
10/03/2020ASX waiver from Listing Rule 7.4; $2.5m SPP offer closing 13 March 2020
06/03/2020Appendix 2A
28/02/2020Presentation – SPP upsided and placement completed
28/02/2020Appendix 3B
28/02/2020Supplementary prospectus
28/02/2020SPP offer closing date extended
27/02/2020Lake eyes upsizing SPP following strong investor demand
24/02/2020Placement upsized by $1.9m to $3.4m following strong demand
24/02/2020Appendix 3B
21/02/2020Bill Gates-led fund backs Lake’s technology partner Lilac
20/02/2020Placement and Share Purchase Plan update
18/02/2020Lilac pilot plant module to process Kachi brines
17/02/2020Appendix 2A
14/02/2020Appendix 2A
14/02/2020Placement update
11/02/2020Appendix 2A
10/02/2020Close-out of convertible securities facility
10/02/2020Placement and Share Purchase Plan
10/02/2020Proposed issue of securities
10/02/2020Appendix 3B
10/02/2020Reinstatement to official quotation
31/01/2020Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B – Dec qtr 2019
24/01/2020Update on proposed placement
23/01/2020Extension of voluntary suspension
22/01/2020Suspension from official quotation
20/01/2020Proposed close-out of convertible securities facility
20/01/2020Trading halt
20/01/2020Investor Presentation January 2020
16/01/2020Meetings with provincial governor, regulators confirm support for Kachi
13/01/2020Larger volume high purity lithium carbonate samples to be produced for off-takers
09/01/2020Battery grade lithium carbonate with 99.9% purity produced from Kachi

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